Health Ranger Store announces massive fundraiser for Texas flood victims: 50% of all sales revenues this WED-THURS get donated to rescue and aid groups

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 by

Health Ranger Store facilities were struck by Hurricane Harvey and we were offline Monday, but now that operations are restored, we’re hosting a 48-hour fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey victims. All day Wednesday and Thursday (8/30 and 8/31), 50% of all sales revenues generated through the Health Ranger Store are donated to local church and rescue groups that are delivering aid directly to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

In other words, for every $100 you spend at the Health Ranger Store, we donate $50 to Hurricane Harvey victims. ALL product purchases qualify, no exceptions.

FULL TRANSPARENCY: Details of the donations we make to local groups will be publicly posted as soon as possible, including:

  • The exact NAMES of the groups we donate to.
  • The exact AMOUNTS donated to each group.

Here’s my video announcement that explains more:

At the Health Ranger Store, you’ll find over 600 items for preparedness, nutrition and healthy living

Product selections include:

To repeat: 50% of all sales revenues are donated to Hurricane Harvey victims during this 48-hour fundraiser. We ship you the products you order, plus we donate 50 cents on the dollar to Harvey victims in Texas.

By the way, we do not donate to scam fundraiser operations like the American Red Cross. We focus on local groups with very little overhead, such as church groups and local rescue operations that rely on volunteer staff. Our goal is to get as much aid delivered directly to those who need it, and avoid dishonest non-profits with “fat cat” salaries and high overhead.

Join us in helping Hurricane Harvey victims while stocking up on your own preparedness supplies. Shop now at



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