Health Ranger posts heavy metals test results for 364 more water samples from across America: Lead, Copper, Arsenic and Aluminum numbers

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 by

THANK YOU to all the Natural News readers and fans who submitted water samples to our lab for ICP-MS testing. Over the last year, we’ve processed over 600 water samples, and we’ve recently updated the 2017 numbers to include the most recent samples. Now, we have 364 water samples in 2017 alone, all tested for heavy metals like copper, arsenic and lead. We’ve also begun including aluminum results, given the very high level of interest in aluminum and its neurotoxicity.

You can view the 2017 water sample test results chart, sorted by zip code, at the following link at the Natural Science Journal:

Some of the more notable results we found are listed below. Many of these results violate EPA water quality limits and expose potentially millions of Americans to toxic heavy metals in municipal water. (Why is nobody else conducting these tests? Why does the EPA cover this up?)

  • 413 ppb aluminum in zip code 06897
  • 1048 ppb aluminum in zip code 18371
  • 704 ppb copper in zip code 44035
  • 1117 ppb copper in zip code 51025
  • 1528 ppb copper in zip code 55418
  • 41 ppb lead in zip code 64836
  • A shocking 120 ppb lead in zip code 85086
  • 15 ppb arsenic in zip code 86351
  • 51 ppb lead in zip code 92103

Note that CWC Labs donated all the lab time and materials for these tests in an effort to help expose the toxic heavy metals in America’s water supply. Also note that the corrupt EPA routinely covers up this scientific evidence, refusing to tell the American people that they are drinking poison. (Related: Follow all the news headlines on clean water at

Natural News is willing to take over the nationwide testing of the water supply from the incompetent EPA

Frankly, I think Natural News should take over the entire job of the EPA in terms of testing the national water supply. I’m going to announce an offer to President Trump, explaining that we will test the entire national water supply and publish all the results for just $1 per year. Scott Pruitt can then fire all the incompetent, corrupt EPA officials who are covering up the toxic heavy metals in the water, saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars a year.

I’m serious about this: I’m willing to handle up to 5,000 water samples per year for the American people and conduct this testing for a grand total of just one dollar. The caveat is that I refuse to cover up the results. If I do this for essentially free, I will publish all the results to the public, without any censorship of any kind.

This is the new science that America desperately needs: Honest, independent science that exposes all the cover-ups that have been pushed by corrupt, incompetent government. The EPA is a junk science cesspool of waste and fraud. It’s time to make it obsolete and send its corrupt bureaucrats packing.

If someone from Scott Pruitt’s office wants to contact us about this, please do so. I’m not joking about this. We will test the entire national water supply via ICP-MS — up to 5,000 samples per year — for just $1 per year. The fact that we have already tested over 600 samples from across the country proves that we can do this. Plus, we’re ISO-17025 accredited and increasingly recognized as one of the most accurate analytical labs in the world when it comes to heavy metals in food and water.

Visit CWC Labs at If you want to test your own water, supplements, hair or food items for heavy metals, check out our ICP-MS heavy metals test kits from the Health Ranger store.


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