Health Ranger featured in “The Sacred Plant” documentary series airing November 2nd

Saturday, June 03, 2017 by

A powerful new documentary series revealing the lifesaving healing potential of a “sacred plant” launches on November 2nd, and I was interviewed for the series due to my laboratory work on phytonutrient analysis.

The series is called The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed, and it documents the extraordinary truth of how a single medicinal plant can help prevent and treat a vast array of diseases and conditions, including cancer, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease and over 20 other devastating health conditions. It’s a 7-part series, and my interviews about this miraculous plant are featured heavily in episodes one and two, so don’t miss this.

Viewing the entire series is free. Registration is required at this link. It’s free because when you register, you’re giving the film producers your email address and permission to contact you via email to pitch the DVDs or other related projects. You can unsubscribe from their emails at any time, if you wish.

I’m probably the most experienced food scientist featured in the series, but there are 28 more experts who were also interviewed, including doctors, clinicians and disease survivors who have extraordinary stories to tell about how they overcame disease by using this “sacred plant.” We all are part of the underground revolution in natural medicine that’s now sweeping across the globe as the era of censorship and oppression of plant based medicine is rapidly coming to an end.

Now, we are living in the era of transparency, and it’s because of the efforts of filmmakers like these that the truth on preventing and reversing chronic, degenerate disease through the use of healing plants is finally coming out. Watch this powerful, 7-part documentary series to take your knowledge of natural medicinal breakthroughs to a whole new level. You’ll learn things in this docu-series that will truly astonish you, and you’ll finally understand why the powers that be have worked so hard to suppress the truth, criminalize natural medicine and prevent this story from being told.

These revelations will change your life for the better. Register at this link and mark your calendars for November 2nd. Don’t miss this.



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