Why WATER is the new GOLD (Health Ranger Science video)

Saturday, May 27, 2017 by

If you’re looking to purchase land, make sure it has at least two water sources (preferably three). In the new video I’ve posted below, I explain why water is such a valuable resource that you might even call it the “new gold.”

Here’s a quick list of water resources you might have available on a given piece of land:

  1. Private wells
  2. Ponds or lakes
  3. Seasonal or year-round streams
  4. Rainwater collection facilities (the cleanest water of all)
  5. Rivers (usually polluted by municipal waste)
  6. Ocean water (requires desalination)
  7. City water (is usually polluted and toxic)

Right now, many people are looking for places to store assets that will outlast a financial crash, government revolution or even a civil war (which looks increasingly likely in America). Land is often an excellent choice but land with water is far more valuable because it allows production of food and livestock.

Watch this short Health Ranger Science video for a quick overview of the concept:





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