Honest, independent, FEARLESS journalism: Why awakened people love Natural News and the Health Ranger

Thursday, May 18, 2017 by

Not everybody is ready to be awakened to the real world, but for those who are, Natural News is widely known as the most truthful, honest and independent natural health website in the world.

While other watered-down health sites refuse to take on the big issues affecting our civilization and our planet — GMOs, vaccine injury, glyphosate herbicides, cancer industry fraud and Big Pharma corruption — here at Natural News we tackle all these issues with a rare sense of fearlessness and authoritative knowledge backed by accredited laboratory science and deep-rooted alignment with core principles of protecting humanity from exploitation by the pharma drug cartels.

It’s easy to grow a website by reporting on nothing that really matters, and that’s what you find from many “mainstream” health and nutrition sites that don’t dare question the corrupt establishment. What’s difficult, in contrast, is to create the world’s largest independent media news network — now spanning over 150 independent news sites — where the important debates of our present-day civilization are openly scrutinized and tested. That’s what we do at Natural News, and that’s why the people who love us also happen to be courageous, independent thinkers who represent the real future of progress, innovation and advanced medicine for humanity.

We have much more to come this year, including more lab test results on heavy metals in popular products, an ever-expanding list of independent journalism websites (we just launched Chemistry.news and Discoveries.news to cover more science topics), a rapidly growing staff of science and medicine writers, and the launch of a new video studio which will soon feature LIVE video broadcasts on important announcements and news coverage.

Thank you for your support during this time of extreme censorship of all independent media and outrageous attacks by Monsanto-funded troll farms, which specifically target Natural News with literally tens of thousands of fake sock puppet accounts to try to create the false impression that the public doesn’t like us. In truth, the People LOVE Natural News, as evidenced in the video below. And the fact that Monsanto is spending millions of dollars to try to discredit us is proof that we are right on target with our whistleblowing journalism and fearless approach to exposing the corrupt science of the biotech industry.

With your support, we will continue to bring you the honest, independent truth on all the health and liberty topics that really matter. We are fearless. We are independent. We cannot be bought off, silenced or intimidated. We believe in absolute food freedom, individual liberty, the elimination of all government criminalization of plant medicines (including cannabis) and the inalienable right to medical choice (health freedom). Keep reading Natural News for daily updates, and shop at the Health Ranger Store to discover over 600 lab-verified health and personal care products that help support out operation.




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